Photo credit:  Tim McAlpine

Photo credit: Tim McAlpine

DAY ONE: New Employee Orientation: The First Impression of your Culture.

There is no greater asset than your staff. The time and money invested in advertising for a position, screening applicants and interviewing is huge and then there are the background checks, bond-ability, credit checks, references, and finally the offer. You've found a great hire, the perfect person for your culture, someone you believe can really grow with the organization.

Employee orientation (or on boarding) is the next critical step to ensuring the new hire is a good fit. Unfortunately it looks a little bit like this:

  • Person arrives early because they are nervous
  • Waits in the lobby for someone to come get them
  • HR puts them in an office and immediately asks for their picture ID
  • Then they are given a mountain of paperwork to review regarding benefits, rules of conduct, etc.
  • Lunch is left on their own
  • Training takes over and continues with more rules; dress code, overtime, email, personal know the drill
  • Employee goes home exhausted, de-motivated and a bit bewildered. 

DAY TWO: New Employee Training Begins 

The typical credit union "trainer" is someone that has moved up in the organization and has proven themselves to be good at balancing (teller) member service (opening new accounts) cross-selling (loan officer) and plays well with others. Just because someone is good at their job does not mean they possess the skills to teach others. Consequently we punish new hires with horrible slides, notebooks for of procedures, endless hours of talking heads and the dreaded "shadowing." This can go on for days.  The most valuable training comes on the job (OTJ) - unfortunately the member becomes an active participant in the learning - not a great experience. 

SOLUTION: The 6th Story Training Audit & Boot Camp

  • Review sequence of experiences and make recommendations on the right flow to create the optimal first impression
  • Observe live training to experience presentation skills, content, supporting documents, slide decks, etc.
  • Work with trainer to 


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