Photo credit:  Tim McAlpine

Photo credit: Tim McAlpine

We've all suffered through a horrible presentation. Busy slides. Lifeless delivery. A yawning audience. There's nothing worse than having to sit through a bad speaker giving a bad talk.

Unless, of course, you're the speaker.

Public speaking can be boring, terrifying, or's your choice. Whether you're a busy executive trying to lead a team or organization to higher heights, or a subject matter expert charged with speaking at industry events, chances are you've been the perpetrator of a less-than-stellar presentation. CU Speakers wants to help you to improve your career and the effectiveness of your message with the best coaches in the credit union movement.

Receive a Custom Review and Coaching on:

  • Session delivery
  • Slide deck design
  • Session descriptions
  • Audience engagement
  • Opening and closing your talk

One-day and two-day sessions are available. Our experts will watch you deliver your custom talk, and help you improve every aspect of its delivery -- from the topic to the slides and on-stage performance. Present with confidence with CU Speakers coaching.