After graduating from the University of Michigan with a BA in Communication Studies he joined the team at Cold Stone Creamery where he began to hone his business skills. Jordan joined Cold Stone Creamery in the early days where the dreams of turning a small local chain of ice cream shops to an international powerhouse in franchising were realized.  From there he took his talents to another well-known National brand, Massage Envy.  

Jordan’s career has really been focused in the business world on three main things: getting business leaders out of the weeds, creating OMG moments and creating a customer or member loyalty engine. These topics get Jordan going. In his years in business, he has noticed that too often people live in the weeds; in fact, they can’t get out of them!  And that’s not a good place to be.  Jordan imagines a world where we can discover root causes and implement outside the box thinking in order to never be back in the weeds again!  Jordan is passionate about differentiation in business. In fact, Jordan encourages business owners to explore the fine line between upholding the strongest of standards and at the same time stepping out of the mundane by creating wow (or as Jordan calls them, OMG) moments.  Finally, Jordan wants to help leaders not only unlock their membership engines… but rev them up!  All too often organizations focus on attracting new members — all the while forgetting the ones they have!  The engine revs when organizations focus on both!

Jordan became a Net Promoter Certified Associate in 2012 and now educates folks around the country the discipline of Net Promoter and how to use it to build their businesses.


Speaking / Consulting Topics

  • Building a Loyalty Machine
  • From Mundane to OMG
  • Thinking Different: Finding Root Cause and Trying New Things