Jimmy Marks has spent the past five years as the Creative Media Director at DigitalMailer. Before that, he spent many years in the theater, on stage, at the podium and in the choir; performing, acting, writing, singing, shucking and jiving. He specializes in graphic and website design, copywriting, speechwriting and electronic marketing of every stripe.

Jimmy was born in Southern Virginia and now lives in Centreville with his wife, Anne.


Speaking / Consulting Topics

  • What's So Funny?
    What does it take to win the hearts and minds of an indifferent audience? Maybe it starts with a joke. Jimmy walks through his own life as a cut-up and what he's learned about appealing to people using humor.


  • Trust
    A hard, honest look at where financial institutions stand with the public in terms of trust and loyalty. What does it take to make a consumer trust a company? Is loyalty really loyalty if the consumer has no other options?


  • Making Great Content at the End of your Rope
    So you've done all your writing, drawing, recording and publishing for the month and one last item slides its way across your desk. You're out of energy and time. But fear not! Jimmy has some great ways of pulling yourself back up from over the ledge and keeping your career (and sanity) in one piece.