For the past 30 years, Denise has inspired, created, and driven change in the world of cooperatives. She has published two books Tattoos: The Ultimate Proof of a Successful Brand, and The 2020 Vision of Marketing: a Focus on Purpose, spoken in front of hundreds of audiences in 50 states and three countries, and consulted with credit unions and other cooperatives of all sizes to develop brands, member loyalty, and relevancy. A certified Net Promoter Score® Associate, Denise was instrumental in organizing the credit union-owned Member Loyalty Group, one of the industry's leading examples of what the sixth cooperative principle makes possible.

When Denise worked as VP Marketing for First Tech Credit Union, she changed the department sign to read “Cult-ivation”...and got a lot of crap for it. But she had realized that marketing, at least in the traditional sense, was dead. She was sick of a 99% failure rate on direct mail. She was sick of fishing the same waters for the same fish every other financial institution set their bait. She knew that to survive, credit unions had to cultivate a group of like-minded people and serve them better than competitors were willing, and able, to do.

She began working with cooperatives as a teller at a small government employee credit union in Portland, Oregon.  The cooperative values of not for profit, not for charity but for service resonated with Denise. Knowing that whether you are processing a loan, advising members on investments, or helping people live within their means, what she did mattered. Five years at the Credit Union Association of Oregon during a critical legislative period honed her PR and communication skills. 

Eventually Denise decided to create her own consulting business based on the premise that corporations don’t have values, people do - and the values that are at the heart of the cooperative movement are good for business and the economy. As a Culture Consultant Denise helped cooperatives identify their true values and created metrics and accountability around those filters. 

Speaking / Consulting Topics

  • The DNA of the Member Experience
  • Loyalty Economics: Examining the High Cost of Bad Service
  • Tattoos: The Ultimate Proof of a Successful Brand
  • The 2020 Vision of Marketing: A Focus on Purpose